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DConf Goes Online

The D Language Foundation is very pleased to announce that DConf Online 2020 (not DConf 2020 Online!) is taking place November 21 and 22, 2020. This two-day event will present a mix of pre-recorded talks and livestream sessions. No registration is required, no payment is necessary. It will be open to any and all who would like to participate in real time, and all talks and livestreams will persist on the D Language Foundation YouTube channel after the event concludes. Be sure to subscribe to the channel for notifications and reminders about the premiere of each presentation!

The prerecorded talks from the schedule below are all set to premiere at the scheduled time on our DConf Online 2020 playlist. The Day One Q & A Livestream is scheduled to begin at 13:50 UTC on November 21, and the Day Two Q & A Livestream at 13:50 UTC on November 22. For more information on how to take part, see the blog post DConf Online 2020: How to Participate.

To keep up with the latest DConf Online 2020 news and find out where to go for and how to participate in livestream Q & A's and other events during the conference:

We'll update each of these social media channels with the livestream links.


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DConf Online 2020 swag is available for purchase at the DLang Swag Emporium. All proceeds will be directed to the D Language Foundation General Fund, which is the fund we're using to provide the free swag to our speakers and prizes for lucky viewers. (Direct donations to the General Fund are welcome, too!)

Prizes? Yes, prizes. Throughout the weekend, to show our gratitude for your support of DConf Online 2020, we'll hand out random prizes to a few lucky viewers. The steps required for eligibility to get your hands on a prize will be announced throughout the event. So pay attention! See the blog post DConf Online 2020: How to Participate for more information about prizes.

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