Leveraging D to mitigate dependency-induced code smell

Mark Isaacson
May 28 @ 3:30 PM

Duration: 50 minutes
Talk type: Presentation

Abstract:  In the course of writing an ODBC driver for Facebook's Presto, a distributed SQL query engine, converting between all sorts of interfaces (C, D, JSON, wide/narrow strings, etc) and dealing with design decisions from foreign lands was center-stage, unavoidable, and problematic. This talk is an "in the trenches" look at dealing with other people's code smell, the grueling, but necessary, bits and the solutions that create sheer joy as they take something barely manageable and refine it into something more natural and idiomatic.

Talking points include:

Speaker Bio: Mark Isaacson is a Software Engineer at Facebook, where he recently open sourced a project in the D programming language: an ODBC driver for Presto, a distributed interactive SQL query engine that scales upwards of petabytes. Mark is the author of a tech blog "Modern Maintainable Code" that aims to open a dialogue regarding what maintainable code really looks like, to teach techniques for effective code design, and to challenge existing practices when they fall short.

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