Annual General Meeting

May 11 @ 09:00

Duration: ~2 hours
Talk type: AGM
Level: All


The AGM provides an opportunity to participate in the determination of the Foundation's vision, provides a formal setting to discuss and resolve longstanding issues and take advantage of face-to-face communication to accelerate organizational processes. Topics up for discussion include: DIPs; Pull requests; Internal implementation issues; General issues and topics of interest; Infrastructure, libraries and progress reports; bug squashing prioritization, and longer-term goals and vision for the DLF. The proceeds of the discussions will help focus and set the stage for the Hackathon.

This is the first AGM we've hosted at DConf. It was proposed by Nicholas Wilson and is expected to last an-hour-and-a-half, but it could go longer. The morning session of the Hackathon will begin immediately following the AGM.