D and Process-based Object Orientation at Funkwerk

Mathis Beer
May 9 @ 10:00

Duration: 50 minutes
Talk type: Presentation
Level: Intermediate, Enterprise
Slides: ODP


Functional programming and object-orientation are often seen as contradictory. By modelling processes with objects rather than entities, and keeping domain data largely immutable, we get the best of both worlds.


Funkwerk application design started out as UML-heavy Java-like. Over the past years we’ve worked on transitioning to a model of immutable unowned domain data managed on the scale of processes, rather than entities, transformed between usecases by freestanding pure functions. Interfaces are primarily used as a tool for separation of concern and domain process abstraction rather than describing actions that can be done with data.

Speaker Bio:

Mathis Beer has been working at Funkwerk for close to two years. In that time, he has witnessed and contributed to the transition of our design sentiment of OOP-heavy code made generic by a class hierarchy, to cleanly separated domains of concern connected by a plain-old-data semi-immutable domain model. This has various advantages.

Mathis is also known as “FeepingCreature”. He is the author of https://github.com/funkwerk/boilerplate.