DConf 2016 Call for Submissions

Please join us at DConf 2016, the conference of the D programming language in Berlin, Germany, May 4-6 2016.

We're very very excited to hold DConf under Sociomantic's sponsorship in their neck of the woods—Berlin, one of Europe's premier technology hotbeds. Sociomantic has been a long-time supporter and user of D and we're grateful to benefit from their hosting.

The D programming language has continued to grow strongly through 2015 in both use and development participation. The fledgling D Language Foundation is poised to lead and organize the community better than ever before. DConf is the main face-to-face event for everyone and everything related to the D language and environment. The 2016 edition will be held in premiere in Europe, on the heels of strong D adoption throughout the Old Continent. We're gearing for our largest event yet!

Early Bird Registration

Early Bird Registration is now open! Space and time are limited, so secure your seat now. For more details, check our registration page.

Call for Submissions

We are looking forward to your submission for a paper, talk, demo, or panel for DConf 2016. The topics of choice are anything and everything related to the D language. Such include:

But don't be constrained! Originality in topics and formats is warmly encouraged. If it is relevant to the D language, it fits. Just mind the guidelines and don't forget the deadlines below.

DConf 2016 does not accept presentation proposals that are advertisements of for-sale products or technologies. Vendors interested in doing so, please contact us for sponsorship information. We appreciate your understanding.

We expect original work, or work synthesized from community folklore into interesting tidbits by the author. Related work can be mentioned with credit. Overviews of an area covered by other authors is acceptable, again with due credit and assuming the overview has intrinsic value.

As usual, DConf covers airfare, lodging, and transportation for all speakers within reasonable limits. Contact organizers for details.

Selection Criteria

The committee will review and rate submissions according to the following criteria:

Submission Guidelines

We expect submission in plain text format or one of the usual rich document formats, such as PDF or DOC. Send your submissions to dconf2016@digitalmars.com. The submission should include:

  1. Title
  2. Kind (e.g. talk, panel, contest, interpretive dance)
  3. Duration (we're aiming for 50-minutes presentations, but are considering smaller and larger durations)
  4. Target Audience (e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  5. Abstract: the "elevator pitch" of the talk, in one paragraph
  6. Extended description: an extended abstract including any details you believe are relevant for evaluating the submission
  7. Brief speaker biography including a summary of their expertise relative to the talk topic
  8. Keyword tags

Important Dates

Submission Deadline Friday February 26, 2016, 23:59:59.99 PST
Early bird registration deadline Monday February 29, 2016, 23:59:59.99 PST
Registration deadline To Be Determined
Conference Wednesday May 4–Friday May 6, 2016

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