Why D is the Perfect Fit for Building GTK Applications

Gerald Nunn
May 6 @ 11:00

Duration: 50 minutes
Talk type: Presentation
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Slides: PDF · PPTX


D is an ideal language to use for building GTK applications. This talk will explore why it is a good fit in comparison to other languages based on the experience of the speaker writing Tilix, a popular terminal emulator for Gnome.

When writing GTK applications there is currently a gap between compiled languages, which are often low productivity and difficult to learn, and scripting languages which are easier to learn but lack performance, static typing and other features that developers often prefer.

Vala was intended by GNOME to fill this gap but it is not well maintained and it's future looks bleak. In my opinion D is a perfect replacement for Vala as it occupies a unique sweet spot for building GUI applications and, in particular, GTK Linux applications.

This talk will focus on the following topics:

Speaker Bio:

Gerald Nunn is a Senior Middleware Solutions Architect with Red Hat. While his day job has nothing to do with the desktop, GTK or GNOME, he maintains a passion for building GUI applications. His current hobby project is Tilix, a popular tiling terminal emulator for GNOME.