DConf 2019 in London!

Early-bird registration is now open!

The D Language Foundation is pleased to announce the international conference and hackathon DConf 2019 in London, United Kingdom, May 8 - 11 2019.

DConf is the largest gathering of D programming language enthusiasts on the planet, a face-to-face event where programmers talk shop, share and learn about their craft, find jobs, work to improve the D ecosystem, and sample the local selection of brews. Three days of presentations are followed by a fourth day of collaborative hacking on D projects, each day capped off by spirited discussion well into the night.

DConf 2019 is hosted by our friends at Symmetry Investments. With offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and London, Symmetry employs D in their investment management mission and previously sponsored the Symmetry Autumn of Code. We're excited to work with Symmetry in bringing DConf to London for the first time.

London's technology sector is booming from government support and heavy investment in startups. The heart of the boom is East London Tech City, a.k.a. the Silicon Roundabout. Dozens of global and local tech firms call the area their home. DConf 2019 will be right in the middle of it, at Inmarsat's 99 City Road Conference Centre.

We welcome members of the D programming language community and anyone interested in learning more about our favorite language to join us in London for four days of fun, challenge, and camaraderie. If you've never attended a DConf, read a summary of DConf 2018 on the D Blog to get an idea of what it's all about.

Keynote Speakers

This year, we're thrilled to have Laeeth Isharc of Symmetry Investments as our invited keynote speaker. Walter Bright and Andrei Alexandrescu will be back to regale the crowd with their bookend keynotes as usual.

Walter Bright
Walter Bright<br /> 
Andrei Alexandrescu
Andrei Alexandrescu
Laeeth Isharc
Laeeth Isharc<br /> 

Call for Submissions

We are looking forward to your submission for a paper, talk, demo, panel, or research report for DConf 2019. The topics of choice are anything and everything related to the D language, such as:

But don't feel constrained! Originality in topics and formats is warmly encouraged. If it is relevant to the D language, it fits. Just mind the guidelines and don't forget the deadlines below.

We expect original work, or work synthesized from community folklore into interesting tidbits by the author. Related work can be mentioned with credit. Overviews of an area covered by other authors is acceptable, again with due credit and assuming the overview has intrinsic value.

Selection Criteria

The committee will review and rate submissions according to the following criteria:

Submission Guidelines

We expect submission in plain text format or one of the usual rich document formats, such as PDF or DOC. All submissions should be directed to social@dlang.org and should include:

  1. Title
  2. Kind (e.g. talk, panel, contest, interpretive dance)
  3. Duration (we're aiming for 50-minute presentations, but are considering smaller and larger durations)
  4. Target Audience (e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  5. Abstract: the "elevator pitch" of the talk, in one paragraph
  6. Extended description: an extended abstract including any details you believe are relevant for evaluating the submission
  7. Brief speaker biography including a summary of the speaker's expertise relative to the talk topic
  8. Keyword tags


The DConf Hackathon returns on Saturday, May 11th. The Hackathon is an unstructured, free-wheeling, full day of solving D issues, advancing D projects, teaching, learning, and communing with like-minded souls. The previous edition of the Hackathon was open to the general public. We are eager to do so this time as well, but need to iron out some details first. Watch this space!



Important Dates

Submission deadline March 10, 2019, 24:00 AOE
Author notification March 17, 2019, 24:00 AOE
Early bird registration deadline March 17, 2019, 24:00 AOE
Registration deadline TBD
Conference Wednesday May 8–Friday May 10, 2019
Hackathon Saturday May 11, 2019

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