David Nadlinger
May 3rd @ 1:30 PM

Duration: 50 minutes
Talk type: Presentation
Level: All
Video: [HD] [SD]

Abstract:  LDC is a fully open source, portable D compiler based on the same front-end as DMD, but leveraging the LLVM compiler infrastructure for optimization and code generation. Development activity has resurged recently, and this talk will start out with an overview of the current status, focussing on spec compliance, performance and platform support. In the second half, after a cursory look at the internal workings of the compiler, the talk will recap the current situation from a developer point of view, including our experiences regarding the use of DMD in an external project. Finally, future plans and open issues will be discussed, with a specific emphasis on cross-compiler compatibility.

Benefits: LDC is one of the three major D compilers. The attendee will get familiar with the latest developments in LDC as well as the unique features and challenges of this platform.

Speaker Bio: Maintainer of LDC and avid open source advocate, with a weakness for outside-the-box metaprogramming ideas. Past D projects include language support in the SWIG C interface generator and the Thrift RPC framework (GSoC 2011). Semi-regular DMD/druntime/Phobos contributor and reviewer.


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