DConf 2013

We invite you to DConf 2013, the conference of the D programming language (Menlo Park, CA, May 1-3 2013).

The D programming language is undergoing rapid growth, spurred by a bustling talented community and downright furious coding activity on the open-source compiler front-end and standard library. These also fuel the gdc compiler (based off of the  gcc infrastructure) and the ldc compiler (grown atop of the llvm infrastructure). A conference to catalyze the community was just bound to happen, and indeed we have successfully funded  DConf 2013 via Kickstarter.

DConf is the main face-to-face event for everyone and everything related to the D language and environment. DConf 2013 will feature leading speakers from the D community.


DConf 2013 offers a variety of talks on topics of interest to a broad variety of engineers.

... and more! Check the schedule for the full list of talks along with their abstracts.

Speakers and Attendees

DConf features 19 speakers from the engineering and research community, including recognizable names in the D milieu such as Don Clugston, David Nadlinger, Iain Buclaw, and Dmitry Olshansky, to just mention a few. We are also honored with the presence of researchers who are either using D or working on it, such as Robert Schadek, Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert, and Stefan Rohe.

Check the full list of speakers for more information.

Above all, DConf 2013 aims at bringing together "everybody who's somebody" in the D world for an event that's inspirational and defining for the future of the language.

Registration and Pricing

Registration is now open. $400 on or before March 31st buys a conference pass ($425 therafter). Refer to the registration page for full details.

Please note: Seating is limited and the kickstarter donors have already secured a fraction of the registrations, so register soon to secure a seat.

Important Dates

Early bird registration deadline Sunday March 31, 2013 (expired)
Registration deadline Friday April 26, 2013
Conference Wednesday May 1–Friday May 3, 2013

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