Code Analysis for D with AnalyzeD

Stefan Rohe
May 3rd @ 10:00 AM

Duration: 50 minutes
Talk type: Presentation
Level: Intermediate
Video: [HD] [SD]


Professional Programming in teams requires a common clean coding style. This could be enforced using code reviews, but the simpler and less offensive way to achieve this is by using a tool as style cop. It helps spreading the conventions about the language in the team and assisting new team members in easily adopt to the programming style by getting fast feedback on their code. Having such a static code analyzer refactoring becomes easier, because it reminds about now unused variables, unused parameters or other refactoring artefacts.

This talk will introduce you to AnalyzeD, explain you how it's working, and give you an outline about what's planned.

AnalyzeD is currently used for checking 250kLOC of production code against programming conventions and determines metrics.ent state and what is planned to develop/release.


Speaker Bio: Stefan Rohe studied computer science in Germany and worked at Fraunhofer Institute. In 2008 he joined the industry where he got the chance to redesign a complete server application in D. Now there is a complete Scrum team of D professionals having about 80% of the code base emerged to D.


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