A Real D In Programming: Lessons Learned From Eight Years of Teaching D at the University

Chuck Allison
May 21st @ 11:00 AM

Duration: 50 minutes
Talk type: Presentation
Level: Developers and students with familiarity with a C-family language and an interest in Programming to D Max
Video: [youtube] [alternative]

Abstract: Tales from eight years of downloading D mastery into the brains of computer science undergraduates.

The presenter teaches a senior-level course at Utah Valley University on the Analysis of Programming Languages that includes a D-programming component. Come see the result of eight years of honing pedagogical material and projects that covers D from soup to nuts, including the following topics and more: CFTE, UFCS, Dā€™s generics, pass-by-name with alias, coroutines via fibers, alias this, the scope statement, contract programming, mixins, Variant and Algebraic, Nullable, functional programming, and concurrency and infinite streams via message passing.

Benefits: Unbelievable

Speaker Bio: Chuck Allison was an early member of the ISO C++ Standards committee (1991ā€“2001) and designed and provided the reference implementation for std::bitset. He was a columnist and editor for the C/C++ Users Journal (1992ā€“2003), and wrote two books on C++: C & C++ Code Capsules (1998) and Thinking in C++, Volume 2, with Bruce Eckel (2004), both published by Prentice-Hall. After twenty years of developing software he returned in 2001 to his first professional love, teaching. He is a professor and chair of computer science at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. He has published over 100 articles and in his spare time gives training on C++, Python, D and software development principles. Except when he is playing his classical guitar or bicycling the backroads of central Utah, that is. He was an early adopter of D and has never missed a DConf.

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