Keynote: High Performance Code Using D

Walter Bright
May 23rd @ 9:00 AM

Duration: 50 minutes
Talk type: Keynote
Level: All
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Abstract:  Memory safety, powerful abstractions, and fast compilation are great features to have. But what about high performance code? This talk shows how D can deliver on generating highly competitive, no-compromise performance applications. Conventional wisdom says that high performance and powerful abstractions are in conflict with each other, that one must write close-to-the-metal code to get high performance. Bright will show that this is no longer true with a modern high level language like D.

Benefits: This talk will provide insight into how to combine D's capabilities to generate high performance code, and why it works. It'll be practical and transferrable to solving everyday performance problems. Amaze your colleagues by smoking their solutions written in other languages.

Speaker Bio: Walter Bright is the creator and first implementer of the D programming language and has implemented compilers for several other languages. He's an expert in all areas of compiler technology, including front ends, optimizers, code generation, interpreter engines and runtime libraries. Walter regularly writes articles about compilers and programming, is known for engaging and informative presentations, and provides training in compiler development techniques. Many are surprised to discover that Walter is also the creator of the wargame Empire, which is still popular today over 30 years after its debut.

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