Mobile Gameserver Backend in D

Stephan Dilly
May 23rd @ 1:30 PM

Duration: 50 minutes
Talk type: Presentation
Level: Beginner, Intermediate
Video: [youtube] [alternative]

Abstract:  A gameserver backend that I have developed for a mobile game app project. The server is completely written in D using the vibe.d framework.

Benefits: When I decided to add an online multiplayer feature to the mobile game STACK4, I evaluated a couple of solutions to implement it in: C/Libuv, PHP, Java+Vertx, Node.js and D+vibe.d. The talk discusses the evaluation process, the experiences with D after going with it and how D compares to the others performance and productive wise. D, with its elegance, simplicity and performance, turned out to be the perfect replacement for Node.js, and in my talk I want to elaborate this fact. More details can be found in the article series on this topic on my website.

Speaker Bio: I am Stephan Dilly, a 27 years old Senior Software Engineer at Funatics Software GmbH. Being a professional in the gaming industry for 6 years I worked for titles like "The Settlers - Rise of Cultures" for PC and "Endwar" for PSP/NDS. During the last 3 years and due to the shifting in this sector from boxed to online games I mainly focused on developing server backends for massive online titles including "Cultures Online" and most recently "Panzer General Online". D is on my radar at least since 2007 (I submitted the first dmd bug back then), in 2009 I wrote my B.Sc Thesis about "D in game development" and now I finally convinced my boss to switch from Node.js to D in production. The D sphere knows me best as "Extrawurst", my contributions to TDPL, for my article series about this talk’s topic, the various libraries I open sourced for developing a mobile game server backend in D and my engagement to bring German speaking D developers together in the channel as an operator.

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