Experience Report: Using D at Facebook and Beyond

Adam Simpkins
May 21st @ 2:30 PM

Duration: 50 minutes
Talk type: Presentation
Level: All-access.
Video: [youtube] [alternative]

Abstract:  Explore Facebook's experiences integrating D into existing C++-based infrastructure.

Benefits: Learn some of the techniques Facebook is using to make it easier for teams to adopt D, and to use it with our existing C++ libraries and tools. We'll discuss some of the primary challenges we face, some of the solutions we are using, and areas for future work.

Speaker Bio: Adam Simpkins is a software engineer at Facebook. He works primarily on networking infrastructure projects, building network switches, HTTP load balancers, and contributing to thrift development. Prior to Facebook he worked at Cisco and some smaller start-ups working on CIFS and NFS network file system protocols.

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