Declarative programming in D

Mihails Strasuns aka "Dicebot"
May 23rd @ 3:30 PM

Duration: 50 minutes
Talk type: Presentation
Level: Basic, Intermediate
Video: [youtube] [alternative]

Abstract:  When term "declarative programming" is used in context of imperative languages, it is most often associated with Domain-Specific Languages. However, it is a more general approach with essential value of separating meaningful description from boilerplate behavior. It is already widely used in D programs and won't be a revelation for any experienced D users.

This talk tries to somewhat generalize this approach and popularize it as common D paradigm, as well as speculate upon possible improvements to D reflection capabilities that can make it even more powerful.


Speaker Bio: Programming & open-source enthusiast. Contributor to several D projects, most notably vibe.d. D developer at Sociomantic Labs. One of Arch Linux Trusted Users.

Keynote Speakers
Andrei Alexandrescu Scott Meyers Walter Bright
Alexandrescu Meyers Bright
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