intel-intrinsics - Not intrinsically about intrinsics

Guillaume Piolat
May 8 @ 14:30

Duration: 50 minutes
Talk type: Presentation
Level: Intermediate
Slides: PDF


intel-intrinsics is a D SIMD library that reuses existing Intel syntax for SIMD intrinsics, .

Besides familiarity, we'll discuss the measurable improvements you may expect today from your usage of intel-intrinsics, versus alternatives, with examples of real production code.

What could possibly be more boring than that?

It turns out intel-intrinsics is different from equivalents in other languages. Our vision is to decorrelate semantics and codegen completely to harness the power of the backend.

Speaker Bio:

Guillaume Piolat worked as a professional complainer in various segments of the software industry: mostly signal processing. Struck by baldness early, he is now a purveyor of audio effects in the pro audio market, as Auburn Sounds. Guillaume created "D-idioms", a blog to bring awareness on the most mundane points of the language. You will likely see him rant about complexity on the D forums.