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DConf Goes Online

The D Language Foundation is very pleased to announce that DConf Online 2020 (not DConf 2020 Online!) took place November 21 and 22, 2020. This two-day event presented a mix of pre-recorded talks and livestream sessions. No registration was required, no payment was necessary. It was open to any and all who would like to participate in real time, and all talks and livestreams will forever persist on DConf Online 2020 Playlist. Be sure to subscribe to the D Language Foundation's YouTube channel for notifications and reminders about future editions of DConf Online and other D-related videos!

The prerecorded talks are listed in the schedule below, along with links to the relevant slides and videos. Both the Day One Q & A Livestream and the Day Two Q & A Livestream are available to view in their entirety. We have chopped them up into individual Q & A videos for each talk and made them available in a DConf Online 2020 Q & A Playlist. The Ask Us Anything! session with Walter and Átila is also be availble as a standalone video in the main DConf Online 2020 playlist.

Thanks to everyone who took part in DConf Online 2020! Whether you did so as a speaker or as a viewer, whether you were just lurking or asking questions, the conference would not have been successful without your participation. We now look forward to both the next DConf (whether it be in 2021 or 2022) and the second edition of DConf Online!


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DConf Online 2020 swag is available for purchase at the DLang Swag Emporium. All proceeds will be directed to the D Language Foundation General Fund, which is the fund we used to provide the free swag to our speakers and prizes to lucky viewers. (Direct donations to the General Fund are welcome, too!)

We'll keep the DConf Online 2020 swag in the store for the foreseeable future, but don't expect it to be there forever!

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