DConf 2015 Registration is open!

Please join us at DConf 2015, the conference of the D programming language at Utah Valley University in Orem, UT, May 27-29 2015.

We are thrilled to benefit of the generous hosting of Utah Valley University's Computer Science Department at its beautiful campus. UVU/CS has an excellent track record of preparing students for real-world software engineering jobs, and has been a long-time supporter of D by teaching it to its students. Special thanks are due Department Chair Chuck Allison.

The D programming language has continued to grow through 2014, undergoing a three-fold increase of dmd daily downloads from the main site. Quality and stability have improved all across the board for dmd, gdc, ldc, and the standard library.

DConf is the main face-to-face event for everyone and everything related to the D language and environment. Utah Valley University will host the conference at its campus in Orem, UT. We aim at making this next edition even bigger, better, and badder than DConf 2014!

Schedule Highlights

Take a look at our schedule for topics that include language evolution, practice, and experience reports. Our speakers are a balanced collection of established and up-and-coming experts.

Want to tune in to the language's strategic vision and direction? Tune into Walter Bright's and Andrei Alexandrescu's keynotes. Core contributor Daniel Murphy will discuss automatic conversion of C++ code to D for achieving D compiler bootstrapping.

Hate garbage? So do we! Release czar and all-around D guru Martin Nowak has recently worked on dramatic improvements of D's garbage collector, which he will share, along with tips and tricks for better memory performance, in his talk.

Don't miss experience reports from using D in varied domains such as large-scale storage systems, hedge funds, database drivers, scientific computing, teaching at university level, and learning.

What's the deal with them ranges everybody talks about? Glad you asked! Listen to D veteran contributor Jonathan M. Davis is up for an introduction. Also learn about dynamic types and correct use of floating point.

An assortment of talks featuring topics such as tooling, runtime support, memory hierarchy, porting large codebases, and behavior-driven development complete a strong program.)

Register now. See you there!

Keynote Speakers
Andrei Alexandrescu Chuck Allison Walter Bright
Alexandrescu Allison Bright

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