writeln("DConf Online 2021");

DConf is Back Online

The D Language Foundation is happy to inform you that it's time to start preparing for DConf Online 2021! This year's edition is happening November 20 and 21, 2021. No registration is required, no payment is necessary. Open your browser, follow the links (TBA) to our DConf Online 2021 YouTube playlist and livestream, and away you go!

DConf Online is open to any and all who would like to participate in real time. The talks and livestreams will persist on the D Language Foundation's YouTube channel after the event. Everything from DConf Online 2020 is available there now, including the playlists for the DConf Online 2020 talks and livesteam Q & A sessions.

Call for Submissions

Do you have a D topic you'd like to discuss? A D project you'd like to present to the world? A feature idea to improve the language? A subject for a livecoding session? As Ali Çehreli said in the Q & A for his first DConf Online 2020 talk:

...coming up with an idea for a talk is as simple as the way you use D. Just look at your code and it makes a presentation like this.

Please send all submissions to social@dlang.org no later than September 5, 2021 AoE (Anywhere on Earth). We are accepting submissions for the following:

All submission topics should be primarily related to the D Programming Language or otherwise relevant to the D community in some way. Talk submissions should be in the form of a video no longer than five minutes in duration. Livestreaming submissions (panel, livecoding) should be in written in Markdown format. All submissions should be as detailed as possible within the constraints of the following requirements:

We are looking to accept as many pre-recorded talk submissions as possible. Talks that do not make the cut for the main event will be posted (with the speaker's permission) in 'The D Community Presents' playlist on the D Language Foundation's YouTube channel. To that end, we will work with every speaker we accept to produce a quality video. Further details will be provided upon acceptance.


DConf Online 2020 swag is still available for purchase at the DLang Swag Emporium along with other D-themed items. Swag for the 2021 edition will be available a few months prior to the event. Royalties from all purchases in the DLang Swag Emporium are directed to the D Language Foundation General Fund. Money from this fund is used to provide free swag to our speakers and prizes to lucky viewers. (Direct donations to the General Fund are welcome, too!)

Wait, did we say something about prizes for viewers? Yes! Speakers will be monitoring their talk videos for questions in the livechat while they are playing. After each talk, the speaker will be available in the DConf Online 2021 livestream to answer further questions, elaborate on answers given during the talk, and discuss D and D development in general. Everyone who asks a question during a post-talk livestream will be eligible to win one or more prizes. A winner is selected at the end of each speaker's livestream session, another for the day, and another for the weekend's grand prize

Last year, questioners were rewarded with several different items from the DLang Swag Emporium after the talks, $50.00 Amazon eGift cards for each day, and a $100 Amazon eGift card grand prize for the weekend. Join us in the DConf Online 2021 livestream to see what the prizes will be this year!

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