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DConf is Back Online

The D Language Foundation hosted DConf Online 2021 on our YouTube channel on November 20 and 21, 2021. The event was comprised of eight prerecorded talks, eight live Q & A sessions (one with each speaker), an Ask Us Anything! session with the lanuage maintainers, and a livecoding session with a proilific D programmer. The schedule below describes each talk and provides links to the prerecorded video, the associated Q & A session, and any slides used.

We had a lot of fun bringing DConf Online 2021 to life. Now we're looking to the possibility to bring DConf back to the real world in 2022, and we're already making plans for the next edition of DConf Online!


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DConf Online 2021 swag is available for purchase at the DLang Swag Emporium along with other D-themed items. Royalties from all purchases in the DLang Swag Emporium are directed to the D Language Foundation General Fund. Money from this fund is used to provide free swag to our speakers and prizes to lucky viewers. (Direct donations to the General Fund are welcome, too!)

Random viewers whose questions were answered in the livestream were awarded a total of three t-shirts, three coffee mugs, and six Amazon eGift cards (three $25, two $50, one $100). See the DConf Online 2021 Q & A videos for the questions that viewers asked and the answers our speakers provided.

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