DConf Online Third Edition

The D Language Foundation invites you to join us for the third edition of DConf Online, December 17th and 18th, 2022! It’s all happening on the D Language Foundation’s YouTube channel, and it’s completely free. No registration required. All you need is a web browser or YouTube app, an internet connection, and, if you want to participate in the live chats, a YouTube account.

As with past editions of DConf Online, you’ll be able to watch a number of prerecorded talks as they appear, and ask questions of each speaker during the talks, and in an ongoing livestream after the talks. All of the talks and the livestreams from both days will continue to be available after the conference ends, and we’ll upload each post-talk Q & A session as separate, trimmed-down videos. You can watch videos from the past editions at the following links.

When we had to cancel DConf in 2020 due to the pandemic, we launched the online version as a companion to, and not a substitute for, the real-world version. DConf ‘22 was arguably the best DConf yet, and now we finally get to have both versions in the same year. We look forward to continuing both in the years to come.


Both days of DConf Online ‘22 start with a livestream at 13:50 UTC hosted by Mike Parker. Here are the links:

Each of the talks are pre-recorded videos which are set to premiere at the scheduled times below.

The Livestream

Each presenter will join the livestream five minutes prior to the start of their talk. During the talk, the presenter will remain in the livestream. They will answer questions both from the talk video’s livechat and from the livestream. They’ll answer livechat questions in two ways: they’ll type short answers in the livechat, and they’ll verbalize each answer in the livestream, elaborating as required. In between questions, Mike will chat with the presenter, asking his own questions about their talk and their experience with the D language. After the talk ends, the presenter will remain in the livestream for another 20 minutes or so for a Q & A session. During this post-talk session, anyone whose question is answered will be entered into a drawing for a prize.

Viewers are free to remain in the livestream during each talk, but we recommend you instead do the following:

Why do we do it this way? Each presenter should be available anyway to answer questions in their talk’s livechat, but a chat box isn’t the best medium for long, detailed answers and followups. The livestream gives them the opportunity to provide more detailed answers, often with followups from the host, and allows us to record all such answers for posterity. Each presenter’s livestream session will be recorded, edited, and uploaded to our YouTube channel as an independent video. Watch the livestream Q & A sessions from DConf Online 2020 and DConf Online 2021 as examples of what to expect.

The Talks

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Note that all times are in UTC.

Saturday December 17

Sunday December 18

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