DConf Online Round 4

The D Language Foundation invites you to join us for the fourth edition of DConf Online on March 16th, 2024! Spend the day with us on the D Language Foundation’s YouTube channel. It’s completely free. No registration is required; all you need is a web browser or the YouTube app, an internet connection, and a YouTube account if you wish to participate in the live chats.

In past editions of DConf Online, we ran the livestream and the talks separately. This year, everything is happening in one place:

The DConf Online ‘24 Livestream.

Each talk will go like this:

  1. The speaker will join Mike Parker in the livestream for a 10-minute chat about the talk.
  2. At 10 minutes past the hour, Mike will launch the talk in the livestream. Viewers will not need to switch away to watch it.
  3. The speaker will monitor the livechat while the talk plays and may type out short answers to any questions that come up or defer answering until after the talk.
  4. As soon as the talk ends, the speaker will stick around for 10 or 15 minutes to answer questions.
  5. When the Q&A session is finished, Mike will announce a break until the top of the hour, when we goto 1.

As with past editions, everyone who has a question answered during the Q&A session will be entered into a drawing to win a swag item. They'll also be entered into a drawing at the end of the day to win a $100 Amazon eGift Card. So be sure to stick around to the end! The livestream link will be posted here and in the D Announce forum one week prior to the event.

Mike will open The DConf Online ‘24 livestream at 14:55 UTC. Note that all times in the below schedule are in UTC.

Saturday March 16

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